Bingo is played in the dining room Wednesday and Saturday nights promptly 6:30 pm. Come down at least by 6:15 to get your seat and your cards.

Even if you have never played Bingo before, it’s easy to learn and a fun way to spend an evening.

On Wednesday nights, it costs a dime per game and a quarter for the final game. The Bingo game is played with a deck of cards. How much you win depends on how many folks turn our for that evening. (Last nights winnings were about $2.00 per hand).

On Wednesday night, we use a traditional Bingo card, and each card costs 75 cents and you can buy as many cards per evening as you want.On each table there is a line up of the kinds of Bingo played, several “regular” or straight Bingos per night and a number of fancy ones such as Small Picture Fame, the Number 7, Large Picture Frame, the Letter N and Kite. The final round is Coverall, where you need to cover every space on one of your cards to win. Dont worry, there are instructions on each table and your friendly fellow players will show you the ropes. Each bingo hand wins 2,3 or 4 dollars except for the coverall which is always more.

The Bingo calling is handle by a different floor each month.

It is a fun time and a good way to make new friends. New players are always welcome!


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